Sven Frøkjær-Jensen

Basunvej 3, 4200 Slagelse. Denmark                   

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Art Days Odsherred.



Exhibitions with Photos. Click here. 



Gallery representation. Online.

Under the name of Sven Froekjaer-Jensen / , (Social media for visual artists)



International exhibitions. (juried : *j)


Portrait Now. The museum of Ljungberg. Sweden. September - November 2021. 

Portrait Now. The Castle of Frederiksborg. May - August 2021. *j

Biennale of fine nude Art.Budva. Montenegro July - November 2021

Grey Cube Gallery, online Berlin. Merit Award.September -October 2020. *J

Fusion Art. Waterscapes. Online. September - October 2020. *j

The corona Self Portrait Project. Online. June 2020. *j

Biennale of thine art Nude.Public institution Museum, Budva. July 2020. Postponed to 2021 because of Corona. 

The Artbox Project. Barcelona. March 2020. Postponed to 2021 because of Corona. 

Artavide. Certificate of Excellence. January 2020. *j

Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, Miami. December 2019.

The Venue fine Art Gallery. Bloomington, USA. May 2018. 

The Gologorski Gallery, Krakow, Poland. Januay- February 2018.

The Albin Polasec Museum, Florida, USA. May - September 2017. *

Contemporary Art Gallery, Online. April 2017. 

Institut für AM. Ackerstrasse Berlin. VIdeo and paintings. January 2017. 

Institut für AM. Ackerstrassse. Berlin. USB Show. March 2016. 

The Art for Life. Chicago. USA. March 2016. 

25 Jahre Künstlerhaus am Acker. Berlin. July 2015. 

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. Skies March 2015.*

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. The color Red. January 2015.*

Juried Art Salon. USA. Landscapes. January 2015.*

Contemporary Art Gallery Online. (Participation award)  USA. May 2014.*j 

Light, Space and Time. Figurative.Jupiter, Florida, USA (online, Special Merit Award). April 2014. *j

The Ampersand Project. The Brooklyn Art Library. March 2014. 

Gallerie Zero. New York. November  2013. 

The International Art Contest. (Online from August 2013).

The Story of the Creative. Long Island. New York. July - September 2013. 

4x6/6x4. Colorado, Mesa University. USA. February - March 2013. 

The B*tch Fest. The Haggus Society. Los Angeles. USA. March 2013. *j

Igllloo International Art Prize. Shortlist. February 2013. *j

Igllloo International Art Prize. February 2013. Shortlist. (With Ernst Altien) *j

Art after Dark. 5 x 5. Tampa Museum of Art. Florida. USA. October 2012. 

Light, Space and Time. Botanicals. Juried exhibition. Jupiter, Florida, USA (online, Special recognition). September 2012. *j

Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA (Online) February 2012. (Honorable Mention Award) *j

Light, Space and Time.  Jupiter, Florida, USA. Artist of the month of January 2012.

Edges and Curves, Nothing in between. The Haggus Society. Los Angeles. USA. October 2011. *j

Drawing Connections. Sienna Art Institute. Italy. October/November 2011. 

Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA (Online) September 2011. (Second place winner) *j

12th International Fine Arts show.The american Juried Art Salon, Texas, USA (online). July - August 2011.. *j

Art for God´s Sake. Troy, Michigan, USA. May 2011. *j

Tracks - Ephemeral and Fragile. Athens, Greece. April 2011. (With Blanka Amezkua)

Warminsko-Mazurska Filharmonia im. Olsztyn, Poland. From March 2011.

The sketchbook project. Art House Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia. USA. March 2011.

An exhange with Sol LeWitt, Brooklyn, New York, USA. January – March 2011.'

The Art of Tarot. Blissland, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. January - February 2011. 

Light, Space and Time. Landscapes. Juried exhibition. Jupiter, Florida, USA (online, special recognition). January 2011. *j

Au Naturel, International juried Competition. Astoria, Oregon. USA. February-March 2011. (Workshop Award) *j

Postcards from the Edge. CFG Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA. December 2010.

Light, Space and Time. Figurative juried exhibition. Jupiter, Florida, USA (online, special recognition). December 2010. *j

Creative Divergents. USA. "Black is Light" (online) November - December 2010. *j

The american Juried Art Salon, Texas, USA (online). November-December 2010. *j

An altered Books Competition. Enoch Pratt free Library. Baltimore, USA. December 2010. *j

The Annual Small Works Invitational. Arts West Gallery, Elon, USA. December 2010 – February 2011.

Small World, Small Works 2010. The Chico Art Center, California. USA. November 2010.

Marziart Internationale Galerie. Hamburg. Germany. June 2008.

1 iBennial of Contemporary Art. 2008-2009



Juried Exhibitions. Denmark. 


Art Days in Odsherred. The Summer Gallery. Havnsø. Pentecost 2017. 

Art Days in Odsherred. The Summer Gallery, Havnsø. Pentecost 2013. 

RAA, Roskilde Open.November - December 2011. 2. Award. (In collaboration with Ernst Altien)

Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling. July - August 2011. (In collaboration with Ernst Altien)

Limfjordens Autumn Exhibition. September – October 2010.

RAA, Roskilde Open. September - October 2010. 

Vendsyssel Spring Exhibition. April 2010.

Spring Exhibition. Hillerød Art Days 2009.

Vendsyssel Spring Exhibition. April 2009.

Spring Exhibition. Hillerød Art Days. 2008.

Croquis festival. Borup. November 2007.

Spring Exhibition. Hillerød Art Days. 2007. (In collaboration with Ernst Altien)

Spring Exhibition. Hillerød Art Days. 2007.



Selected exhibitions and works. Denmark. Solo shows (*)


Selected artists of the Year. The Art Guild of Slagelse. Sct. Michaels Night. September 2021. 

Sct. Michaels Night. Slagelse. Septembe 2020. Postponed because of Corona. 

Slagelse Festival. June 2020. Postponed because of Corona. 

Kongegaarden, Korsoer, Searching for the Summer. May 2020. Cancelled because of Corona. 

The Summer Galley, Odsherred. July- August 2019

Slagelse Festival. June 2019. 

Three Wievs on Art. Sct. Michaels BNight. With ART4 Slagelse. September 2019. 

Croquis 89, The red Tower, Slagelse. February 2019

Slagelse Festival June 2018.

Skamlebaek Festival. Odsherred. August 2017

With ART4 The red Tower Slaglse. July 2017. 

Kunstforeningen Bravida. Kbh. May 2017.

Art and the Public. Skt. Michaels Nat. Slagelse. September 2016. 

Skamlebæk Festival. Geopark Odsherred. August 2016. 

Galleri Den blaa Prik. Snertinge. Denmark. June - August 2016. 

Skamlebæk Festival, Geopark Odsherred. August 2015.

Croquis89. 25. Aniversary Exhibition, Slagelse. January 2015. 

Art and Environment. Skt. Michaels Nat. Slagelse. September 2014. 

Geopark Festival. Skamlebæk, Odsherred. August 2015. 

SEAS-NVE. Svinninge. June - August 2014. 

Lee, Slagelse. March - June 2014. 

Library of Slagelse. The Arts Foundation of the Municipality of Slagelse. December 2013. 

Croquis89. November 2013. 

The Akademie of Soroe. October 2013*

The Fortress of Korsoer. With ART4. April 2013. 

Slagelse Hospital. Slagelse. November 2012*

The Artist House. Stenlille. The Saltoft Larsen Foundation. August 2012. *

The old Printing House. The Museum of Slagelse. The Night of Culture as artist of the year in Slagelse.  September 2011. *

Tracks - Ephemeral and Fragile. Fæstningen, Korsør, April 2011. ( With Kunstnet Slagelse) 

The religious World. The parish Hall, The Church of Sct. Mikkel. February - March  2011. (*)

  The religious World. The parish Hall, The Church of Antvorskov. March – April 2011. (*)

Beierholm. Slagelse.  December 2010 - January 2011. (*)

Croquis89. The red Tower, Slagelse. September – October 2010.

Slagelse Gymnasium,  August - September 2010. 

Slagelse Kunstnet, Skælskør.  July 2010. 

Slagelse Erhvervsråd. April - May 2010. (*)

Støberihallen, Hillerød. FAM-INC. March - April 2010.

The Police Gallery. Slagelse February - March 2010. (*)

Lee. FAM-INC. Slagelse January - February 2010.

With the art group FAM-INC. The red Tower, Slagelse. October 2009.

Flexicon. Ringsted. October - November 2009 (*)

Statoil. Kalundborg. August - September 2009. (*)

Den blå Cafe. FAM-INC. Stillinge. June-July 2009.

Croquis89. The red Tower. May 2009.

Rynkevang Skolen. Kalundborg. April - July. 2009. (*)

Samart. Køge. March 2009.

Skælskør Kunstforening. Skælskør.  February - March 2009. (*)

The Danish National Museum, Copenhagen. November - December 2008.(*)

Røsnæs Kursusejendom. Kalundborg. September - Oktober 2008. (*)

       NSK 2008. Kalundborg. August - September 2008. (*)

Samart. Køge. February 2008.

Bie og Berntsen.Copenhagen. September-October 2007. (*)

With the art group FAM-INC  The red Tower, Slagelse. 2007.

Croquis89. The red Tower. Slagelse. May 2006.

Croquis89. The red Tower. Slagelse. May 2005

Holbæk Seminarium. 1985.

“Her og nu” 1979.  


Special works.

         Illustrations and front page in C. Conrad: Utopi. 1980.

Illustrations and photos in history 

books for the publishing firm Gyldendal. 

Graphic work for several publishing firms e.g. Gyldendal Publishing Compagny

 and Lægeforeningens Publishing Compagny. (Illustrations and front pages).

Front pages for the yearbooks of Slagelse Gymnasium 2002, 2003. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.


Work with art and education.

Lectures and exhibitions about good and bad art held at:

Slagelse Gymnasium 2001.

The red Tower, Slagelse 2001.

Vordingborg Kunstforening and The University of the People. 2003.

Nørre Alslev Kunstforening and the University of the People. 2003.

Skælskør Kunstforening and the University of the People. 2003.

Køge FOF 2003.


Awards, grants and distinctions.

The Canaletto Prize. Italy . Artistic Career Award. April 2016.

The Marco Polo Award. Italy. August 2016. Curator: Salvatore Russo. 

Participation Award. Contemporary Art Gallery Online.  USA. May 2014.*j 

Special Merit Award. Light, Space and Time. Figurative.Jupiter, Florida, USA  April 2014. *j

Featured with Talking in the Night on main A2a site. Curator Kristen T. Woodward. 

Fourth place winner. Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA September 2012

Special Recognition for outstanding Art. Light, Space and Time. Gallery. September 2012.  Jupiter, Florida, USA 

 Honorable Mention Award. Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA. February 2012. 

Selected artist of the month, January 2012. Light, Space and Time Gallery. Jupiter, Florida, USA. 

Second Award. RAA, Roskilde Open. November 2011. 

Artist of the year in Slagelse. September 2011.

Second place winner. Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA September 2011

Workshop Award. Au Naturel, International juried Competition. Astoria, Oregon. USA. March 2011. 

Special Recognition. Light, Space and Time. Gallery. January 2011.  Jupiter, Florida, USA 

Special Recognition. Light, Space and Time. Gallery. December 2010   Jupiter, Florida, USA 

Members Choice of "When the Ironbird flies" on July 2010.

Artist of the month in “Her og Nu” maj 1979.

Granted leave with the intention of  studying Byzantine painting 1980.

Granted leave for studying paintings in Bali, especially in Ubud 1992.

Bursary from the Danish Writers´ Association (Autorkontoen) 1992.

Bursary from County of Vestsjaelland 1992.



Salvatore Russo: Art International Contemporary. Mar/Apr. 2016. In connection with the Canaletto Prize.

Paolo Levi: Effeto Arte. 2015. In connection with the Marco Polo Art Prize. 2015.

LandEscape Art Review. 2015. 18 pages article about my work.

Slagelse Kommune: Slagelse Bys Historie. 2013.

Kolekcja Sztuki: Muzyka Obrazu.Filhamonia Warminsko-Mazurska w. Olsztynie. 2011.

And many articles in Danish Newspapers.


Education and life.

Born in Hoerve, Denmark. 1943.

High School 1959-1962.

University of Copenhagen 1962-69.

Maried from 1965.

Father of one daughter and two sons.

Self-taught artist.    


Sold to:

The Arts Foundation of The Municipality of Slagelse. 

VUC, Slagelse.

Beierholm, Slagelse.

Kunstforeningen for Den Danske Bank, Kbh. 

Kunstforeningen for Lån og Spar Banken, Kbh.

Kunstforeningen for Bie og Berntsen. Herlev

Vestsjællands Amt - Slagelse Gymnasium

NSK Kalundborg

Skælskør Kunstforening.

Røsnæs Hotel- og Kursusejendom.

Kalundborg Kommune. Rynkevang Skolen.

Haslev Gymnasium.

The Police Gallery. Slagelse.

Sundhedscirklen, Roskilde.

Private Collectors.



Sven Frøkjær-Jensen has had a very thorough university education as a professionel

 historian, which has been a great advantage for him in his work. He started out with 

a vivid and strong fascination of the Cobra movement, but through his studies of Byzantine

 painting and the art of the native peopleof Bali and Australia, he created for himself

  a new language of art, in which he combines the precise knowledge of his

 medium with the hightest degree of intense artistic espression. He often

 uses unvonventional materials in his works.

Mr. John R. Math director of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery Jupiter , Florida , USA says in this juror statement from the Gallery:

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has been most fortunate to have the Danish  artist Sven Froekjaer-Jensen participating in several of their group art exhibitions. Sven is an extraordinary painter who produces wonderfully vibrant abstracts. His paintings interpret his subjective thoughts and deep feelings with bold splashes of color. Besides his brilliant abstracts, our gallery was fortunate to have observed the full range of Sven’s artistic talent when he participated in our “Figurative” exhibition with his classic nude drawing entitled “Tulla”. Sven also was a contributor in our “Landscape” exhibition with his oil painting “Winter” which depicts the harsh winter landscape of his native Denmark .

Overall, we are quite pleased to have Sven as a regular contributor to our art gallery and we follow his art career from afar. Sven will always be a welcomed artist at Light Space & Time Online Gallery.  

Curator Carolus Stoop, director of Gallery Zero, writes:

It is a great pleasure for me to announce, that it has been possible for galleri Zero to persuade the Danish artist Sven Froekjaer-Jensen to participate in our exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes, 211 East 49th Street , NY 10017 , New York , USA from the 4. of November to the 8. of November 2013.

I have chosen Sven Froekjaer-Jensen because of his outstanding qualities as an artist both concerning his technical mastership, his freedom of expression and his very unique work with the old structures of mankind in his brilliant paintings.

The exhibition is in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute of New York and Sven Froekjaer-Jensen has been selected together with 17 other international artists.

I know that Sven Froekjaer-Jensen is a very succesfull and busy artist with a fresh new attitude towards art and its modern expressions and I am looking very much forward to the cooperation in New York with this fine Danish artist.





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