Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                                           The hidden Pages. 

In this electronic world with the substance being a mixture of concrete elements and immaterial dreams I some years ago started an artistic project consisting of real contact symbolised primaraly with the shaking of hands in connection of my work as a painter with juried exhibitions, solo shows and group exhibitions. This part of my work is happily still under construction and not open to the general public. If you have reached this page, it might be because you are a real person shown on one of the pictures, and in that case I want to thank you for your participation, support and help. I feel very grateful for the kindness and help given to me. 

If you have found this page all by yourself, I just want to congratulate you.Well done. You can find out more about this specific project by writing to me. And just remember what George Carlin said: Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music. 





General Jerome T. Hagen, Pearl Harbour, Hawai, USA. 

The general told me about the importance of handshakes and in a way started this artistic projekc. 




February 2006.

The censor Børge Smith from my first juried exhibitioin in Hilleroed 2007. 


Egon Hansen who is almost as near to me as Ernst Altien.

 Hilleroed juried exhibition 



Marion Zimmermann, Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg. 2008. 

Jan Pedersen, chairman of the art society of NSK, Kalundborg. 2008. 

Carsten Wittchen, chairman of the art society of The Danish National Museum.



FAM-INC. Kristoffer og Thomas Frøkjær-Jensen at the exhibition Moments 




Chairman Jens Pedersen, Roskilde art Society. The juried exhibition RAA 




Fabio Orsio who runs Blissland together with Antonio Gallucci and Gemma Ghelardi.  

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Germany. 





     Blanka Amezkua, the lovely and very kind New York artist, living in Athens and often 

working in Mexico. Outside Acropolis in front of part of my exhibition: Tracks in 

her outdoor gallery,



 Athens May 2011. 



           The very very polite Axhilleas outside his old fashioned cafe or ouzeria in Kolonou  Street in Athens in front of part of Tracks. 

            Kolonou Street is a rather hard environment with two bordellos and a lot of heavy types, but Axhilleas was just friendly and polite to everybody. A sort of saint in a strange neighbourhood.  

Athens May 2011.


Ulla Engel, the very competent leader of KS with me as a stand in for 

Ernst Altien before his painting on the juried exhibition

Tistrup July 2011. 


Lis Tribler, the popular and very skillful mayor of Slagelse, who does a lot for art and business in the area. We exhange handshakes at the ceremoni at The Museum of Slagelse, when I was appointed Artist of the Year 2011. 

Slagelse September 2011. 


Direktor of the Atlas Galleries Gene Paul DeFillippo shakes my hand to goodbye after our meeting in the fine gallery situated on 535 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, USA. Due to the harsh weather conditions outside, the quality of the photo is a bit bad. 

Chicago November 2011. 


The very competend,  lovely and kind Kristin Shauck at the workshop in Clatsop Community College. May 2012 where I work after my award. 


Dr. Larry Galizio, Director of the Clatsop Community College gave me a fine welcome and shakes my hand on the students exhibition.  


The exiting painter Yiannis Tzermias invited me to the exhibition  and showed me around at the fernisage of his exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete. September 2012. 


Helle Mieritz, the very kind and competent teacher from the Soroe Academie, who invited me to exhibit in the beatiful, historical surroundings of the Academie and helped me a lot. 

September - October 2013.


The very art interested and kind mayor of Slagelse, Lis Tribler, sent me off to New York on a beautiful day of october 2013. We are standing under the tablet in memory of the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen, who according to the tablet went to school in the building in the background. 

October 2013. 

The well organizing Dutch-Spanish curator of Galerie Zero, Carolus Stoop, standing in front of my paintings from the Babylon Project in Institutio Cervantes, New York. 

October - November 2013. 

Paya Hauch Fænger organised the Geopark Festival in Odsherred with great skill. Here she is standing in the middle of her success. Man, I really like her style. 


July 2014. 

Jytte Hilden, former ministery of Culture in Denmark and a very significantly person in Danish politics held a fine speech at the opening of  the Geopark Festival and showed great intererest ind the posters made for the Geopark.  Here we are standing in front of some of the posters on the wall behind. 


July 2014. 

Beverly Yankwitt, gifted artist and teacher at the Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda. USA took the time to tell me about the exiting place, where arts and people meet. And invited me to the fernisage of art later on. A fine experience. 


March 2015.

Rosemary Kuhn, the kind writer of stories about angels for kids and grown ups shakes my hand, while I hold one of her books: The Angels Garden. 2014. Tampa. Florida, USA.


March 2015.




At the Tampa Art Museum I suddenly remembered, that I had been part of an exhibition there in 2012. Sue Gautier works at the museum and remembered the exhibition and shook my hand in her very cosy way. I even got free admission because of the exhibition.


March 2015

Jimm Sherrington, an artist working with many medias stands in front of his open air gallery in the most fantastic restaurant Blue Heaven in Key West, USA. A place with art, hens, shouting and as they said when the spirit of 68 was there: lots of vibrations.


March 2015.

In the old school. Shaking hands with the very kind Birte Pedersen from the local archive in Odsherred, who invited me to talk about the life in Hoerve in the old days. About 100 people attended, and it was very strange and rewarding to be back.


February 2016.


The very humorous Enrico Trentini at the Lake Como, who had talked to God about the horrible thunderstorm and got the fine answer, that God was too buzy to take  care of such small detalis.




June 2016.

Jerry Fresia, Mordern artist working very lively and competent with old impressionistic techniques and using an interesting palette. We are standing in his studio in Bellagio. Lake Como. Italy.



June 2016.

Morten Schoenemann, the gifted photograper and director of Galleri Den Blaa Prik, which he runs very professionally with his wife Stephanie Bork. From the fernisage of the summer exhibition 2016 standing before some of my paintings.



June 2016.