Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                                                                   Exhibitions.




Although I had some exhibitions before 2005, that was the year it really started with an exhibition with the art group Croquis89. Then I took up painting more seriously, because during most of my working life I spent my days with family life, teaching, writing teaching books and making lectures about history and religion, which of course didn´t leave much time to paint.  That part was very much ok, but now I have just opened a door to another very exiting room. 

The first juried exhibition came in april 2007, and then a lot of exhibitions, juried, non juried, group exhibitions and solo shows followed. You can see photos from most of them below. It has been very exiting and rewarding, being given the opportunity to explore so many different ways and expressions. The newest exhibitions and events are first. Although there are many I remember them all with a great deal of gratitude. 




Geopark Project. 

Odsherred, Denmark. 

August 2017. 


The Gallery of Summer. 

Odshered, Denmark. 

June 2017. 


The Albin Polasek Museum. Summer of Love. 

Florida. USA

May - September 2017. 


Bravida Art Association. 


May 2017. 


Contemporary Art Gallerly. Online. 


April 2017. 


Institut für AM

Ackerstrasse, Berlin. 

January 2017. 





Art and the Public. The smallest Gallery. 

Night of Sct. Michael. Slagelse. September 2016. 

Sponsered by The Municipality of Slagelse and Nordea Bank.  



Galleri Den Blaa Prik. 


June - August 2016. 




Skamlebæk Festival. 

Geopark Festival, Odsherred. 

August 2016. 


The Arts of Life. 

Life North Shore Studio

Chicago. USA. 

March 2016. 


march 4th - 6th 2016
@ institut für alles mögliche / abteilung für alles andere
ackerstr. 18, berlin-mitte
opening: 04.03. / 7 pm
hours: 05. + 06.03. /
2 - 6 pm

the following people are participating: All participants from the USB-SHUFFLE-SHOW Karanos Akis / Eric Andersen / Zanne Andrea / Olga Alexopoulou / Russell Banx / Ann Bartges / Rowena Boyd / Marija Brasnic / Ashley Cook / Barbara Cousin / Sven Frøkjær-Jensen / Justyna Gorowska / Sandra Herman / Barbara Höller / Akis Karanos / Zeina Kazimi / Wednesday Kim / Marina Koureli / Nada Krstajic / mario lautier vella / Anne Lippert / Robin Love / Paul Malone / Evelina Makosa / Zsolt Mesterhazy / Radovan Misovic / Jenny Moberg / Lila Moore / Phillip Mudd / Elva Mulchrole + Siobhra Quinlan / Marlena Novak + Jay Alan Yim + Brittany Ransom / Yasaman Owrang / R. Prost / Sepide Raiesi / Dirk Reimes / Anna Schimkat / Lena Liselotte Schuster / Anneliese Vobis / Jave Yoshimoto / Małgorzata Żurada

Institut für AM

Ackerstrasse, Berlin. 

March 2016. 


Skamlebæk Festival. 

Geopark Festival, Odsherred. 

August 2015. 


25 Jahre Künstlerhaus am Acker. Berlin, Tyskland. 

July 2015. 

25 years of Aniversary Exhibition. 


Colors of Humanity Art Gallerly. USA

Theme: Skies.

March 2015. 

Juried. Online.



Juried Art Salon. USA. 

Janary 2015. 

Juried. Online. 



Colors of Humanity Art Gallerly. USA

Theme: Red. 

January 2015. 

Juried. Online. 



25 aniversary exhibition. 

January 2015. 



Art and environment. 

Skt. Michaels Nat. September 2014. 


Sponsered by The Municipality of Slagelse and Jydske Bank. 


Geopark Odsherred. 

August 2014. 

Chosen as one of the posters for the Geopark. 



Contemporary Art Gallery Online. 

Maj 2014 

Figurative / Portrait Art


Light Space and Time Gallery. 

Online. April 2014. 

Special Merit Award. 


The Ampersand Project. 

The Brooklyn Art Library. 

March 2014. 

Modern Gotic. 



The Acadamy of Soroe. 

September - October 2013. 

Working area exhibition. 

For more pictures press here.


Art Days of Odsherred.

The Summer Gallery. Havnsø

May 2013. 

Juried membership. 



Fæstningen. Korsør. 

April 2013. 


The B*tch Fest. 

The Haggus Society. Los Angeles. USA. 

March 2013.

Juried exhibition. 


Igllloo International Art Prize. Shortlist. 

February 2013. 

Both as myself and with Ernst Altien




Mesa University. Colorado. USA. 

February - March 2013. 




Slagelse Sygehus. Slagelse.

November 2012. 

Title of installation: Many Lives.

For press release, just push the picture. 



Tampa Museum of Art. Florida. USA. 

October 2012.

Art after Dark. 5 x 5. 




Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA (Online)

September  2012. 

Juried exhibition. 

Fourth Place Winner. 



Light, Space and Time Gallery.  Jupiter, Florida, USA (Online) Botanicals.

Special recognition Award for outstanding Art. 

August 2012. 



The Art House. Dianalund. The Saltofte Larsen Foundation. 

August 2012. 


The CCC Art Center Gallery. Astoria. Oregon.USA. 

Workshop award and lecture. 

May 2012. 


For more information about the event, click here



Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA (Online)

February 2012. 

Juried exhibition. 

Honorable Mention Award.


Light, Space and Time Gallery.  Jupiter, Florida, USA (Online)

 Special Honor: Artist of the month of January 2012.




RAA. Roskilde Open. 

November - December 2011. 

In cooperation with Ernst Altien (See also

Juried exhibition. 

Second award. 


Drawing Connections. Sienna Art Institute. Italy. 

November 2011. 


Edges and Curves, Nothing in between. 

The Haggus Society. Los Angeles. USA. 

October 2011.

Juried exhibition. 


Mayer Lis Tripler, my wife and all the grandchildren at the ceremoni, when I was appointed artist of the Year 2011 in Slagelse. 

September 2011. 


Leading Artists Gallery. Maryland. USA. (Online) 

September 2011. 

Juried Exhibition. 

Second place winner. 


12th International Fine Arts show.

The american Juried Art Salon, Texas, USA .

July - August 2011.. 

Juried Exhibition. 


KS. Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling. 

In cooperation with Ernst Altien (See also

Tistrup, Denmark. 

July - August 2011. 

Juried Exhibition. 



Art for God´s sake. 

Sct. Anastasia Church.Troy, Michigan, USA. 

May 2011.

Juried Exhibition. 




Tracks - Ephemeral and Fragile. 

Athens, Greece. Blanka Amezkua´s ...///walls///...

April 2011. 



Tracks - Ephemeral and Fragile. 

Fæstningen, Korsør. (with Kunstnet Slagelse).

April 2011. 




The religious World - a part of ourselves. 

Antvorskov Church, Slagelse 

April 2011. 



Galleri of new built Music Hall Warminsko-Mazurska Filharmonia in Olsztyn, Poland. 

From March 2011 to March 2035. 



The religious World - a part of ourselves. 

Sct. Mikkels Church, Pakhuset. 

February - March 2011. 


Au Naturel. Austin, Oregon. USA. 

February - April 2011. 

Juried exhibition. 

Sven Froekjaer-Jensen assigned workshop award. 



An Exhange with Sol LeWitt. Mass Moca. Massachusetts. USA. (curator Regine Basha) 

January - March 2011. 


The Art of Tarot. Blissland, Berlin. Germany. 

January - February 2011


Beierholm, Slagelse. 

Working place exhibition. 

December - January 2011. 




The Annual Small Works Invitational.

 Arts West Gallery, Elon, USA.

 December 2010 – February 2011




Postcards from the Edge.

 CFG Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA. 

December 2010.




Light, Space and Time. 

Figurative juried exhibition. Jupiter, Florida. USA. Online 

December 2010



The american Juried Art Salon, 

Texas, USA (online).

Juried exhibition. 

 November-December 2010.



An altered Books Competition

Enoch Pratt free Library.

 Baltimore, New York, USA.

 December 2010

Juried exhibition. 




Small World, Small Works 2010. 

The Chico Art Center.

California. USA. 

November 2010



With Croquis89. 

The red Tower, Slagelse. 

September – October 2010.


Limfjordens Autumn Exhibition.

 Juried exhibition. 

September - October 2010. 




RAA, Juried exhibition

Roskilde Open

September - October 2010




With Kunstnet Slagelse

Magasinet, Skælskør.

July 2010.




Juried Spring Exhibition. Vendsyssel.

April 2010.






Støberihallen, Hillerød

March 2010. 


Langes Gaard, Slagelse

January - February 2010



The Police Gallery, Slagelse

January - February 2010. 




The Red Tower, Slagelse.

October - November 2009.


Flexicon, Ringsted.

October-November 2009.


Statoil Oil Refinery, Kalundborg. 

August - September 2009.


With FAM-INC. 

The blue Café

 June-July 2009.


With Croquis89 May - June 2009.


Juried Spring Exhibition. Hillerød Art Days.

May 2009.


Juried Spring Exhibition. Vendsyssel.

April 2009.


The Rynkeby School. Kalundborg 

April - July 2009.


Samart. Køge. 

March 2009.


The Art Society of Skælskør.

January- February 2009.




The Art Society of the National Museum, Copenhagen. 

November - December 2008.



Røsnæs Kursus og Hotel. 

September - October 2088.



NSK Kalundborg 

August - September 2008.


Marziart Internationale Gallerie. Hamburg. 

Juni 2008.


Juried Spring exhibition.  Hillerød. April 2008.


Samart Exhibition. March 2008.


With Croquis89. 

November 2007.


Bie og Berntsen. Herlev. 

October 2007.



Juried Croquis Festival

October 2007.


With FAM-INC. 

September 2007.


Juried Hillerød Exhibition.

April 2007.


With Croquis89. 

May 2006.


With Croquis89. 

May 2005