Coming home.                                                   May 2012. 

The family without  my daughter Cecilie and my daughter in law, Bergitte, they were both working that day.. 

My wife Lise. 


And there was a lot of partying in last part of May. This is in Sorø. 

My daughter Cecilie and her daughter Sara. 


My two daughters in law, Kristine and Birgitte in the middle of the picture. They are sisters. 

From another day in the summerhouse. The Danish flags are always used at birthsday parties. And there are many birthsdays in the family in May. 


All the grandchildren in the evening sun at the summerhouse. 

Birthsdayparty in Sorø. My daughter in law, Kristine married to Kristoffer is standing at the table. 


Birthsday in Holbæk. Lise, My wife, Marie, a grandchild and Thomas, my eldest son. 

My daughter in law Birgitte with Ida and Caroline, two of my grandchildren and a cousin.


Four grandchildren at the summerhouse, Emil, Sara, Ida and Carl. 

Pentekosta at the summerhouse. Caroline, a grandchild at my side. 


My two sons and me in Sorø. 

Sara and me some day. 


Emil and me. Some day in the sun. 

Kristoffer and me. Another sunny day.. 


It was great and very inspiring to be in Astoria, USA and meet all the nice, friendly and skillful people over there. And it was also very good to be home with my family again. The trip to Astoria was my first travel alone in my whole life.