Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                                                               

About me. 



So wonderfull just to be in my studio in the month of november 2020 and think of all the challenges of the future and all the fine times with art in the 12 years lying behind me. Sitting in front of : The land of the Giraffoes. A land of dreams and hopes. 

Yes, I had my debut as an artist on KS 2011 in Denmark. At the age of 68. Maybe a bit late, but the time was right. 

Before that I was born in the little village of Hoerve, Seeland, Denmark in 1943. So I grew up in Odsherred, the place you never leave, before it has put its mark on you. To understand the world I was living in a bit better, I wanted to study history and religion, so I was educated as an historian at the University of Copenhagen from 1962-69. I loved teaching and from 1969 to 2008 I taught history, religion and ancient history at the High School of Slagelse, wrote some teaching books and gave a lot of lectures all over Denmark.  

I had always worked with art, but in 2008 I started out more seriously - with all the insecurity embedded in changing work and career -  and was admitted to some important juried exhibition in Denmark and abroad. In the last 12 years art life has been good to me and given me exhibitions in USA, among other places New York, Germany, Greece, Poland and Denmark and a many awards for my work as an artist. 

Actually life has been good to me, always giving enough strength to overcome the problems. I am very gratefull for my sweet, sweet wife for 55 years, our wonderful family consisting of three children, their spouses and eight grandchildren. They fill our life with light, happiness and gratitude. 

I am really looking forward to follow my artistic destination in the years to come. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is me or my destiny that shapes my life, but actually it does not matter. 

If you will endulge me, I have a message: It is never to late to start a new life, and: if you dont follow your dreams, they will die. Good luck to you.