The Concept behind Tracks. 


Tracks – Ephemeral and Fragile.

The collecting and exhibitioning of Tracks I.

By collecting tracks on canvas from the pedestrians and other passing traffic in different habitats in Slagelse , Denmark , the process is frozen in time and preserved in photos and video. Behind lies the quest for the understanding of the many arrivals and farewells of our existence - and the eternal question of what is left behind.

The canvas is cut and altered, and by preserving and exhibiting it with the photos in warped forms, it is in a strange way transformed into a token – or a fetish – and stays closely related to the moment, it was created. A moment that otherwise would be drowned like tears in rain. 

The collecting of tracks is chosen because of the inner beauty of the concept.

Take care of your tracks – they might even follow you.


Of Disappearance 

A  project of disapparence. The project describes transience and the search for reality behind the remains of human activity. The tracks in this series are left on the canvas by being part of the living process it describes. The canvas is thin and worn by wear. Aften having been placed on the floor of several chosen positions in my home habitat, Slagelse, it is collected and cut into streamers 25 cm. wide.  

The process is documented in  photoes and sometimes in video. The documenting material is placed behind the streamers which working as a sort of curtain, which can be moved by the wind. The process both focus on the chosen places with  its activity and at the same time on the trancience documented in the play between the canvass and the photos. 

The inspiration of the project is the feeling of loss and the search for what has disappeared. The same feeling that is so brilliantly documented in the extracts of poems by Robert Browning (A Toccata of Galuppi’s,1855)  and Georgis Seferis ( The King of Asine, 1936) placed above. 

The chosen places are: meant to reach important aspects of modern human  life. 

This part of the project was finished in 2012, 


Tracks II. 

This part of the project has the same goal as Tracks I, to search for the reality behind remains of human activity. The tracks are collected and brought to exhibition in a more global way. 


As for Venice and her people, merely born to bloom and drop,

Here on earth they bore their fruitage, mirth and folly were the crop.

What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop?

             Robert Browning, 1855



Georgis Seferis, The King of Asine, extract, 1936

On the sunny side a long empty beach
and the light striking diamonds on the huge walls.
No living thing, the wild doves gone
and the king of Asine, whom we’ve been trying to find for
 two years now,
unknown , forgotten by all, even by Homer,
only one word in the Iliad and that uncertain,
thrown here like the gold burial mask.

Georgis Seferis. The King of Asine.