Collecting the Tracks. 


The creation of the Medium. 

A piece of cloth placed on cardboard is placed in an walking area so the people passing by leave their tracks. 

Sometimes there is placed carbon paper below to accentuate the tracks. 

The Cloth is placed in the selected area for a limited amount of time. 

This piece of cloth is placed at the Music Hall of Slagelse while fans are gathering for a concert. 



Documentation of the process. 

The movements of the people passing by is documented on the cloth, on video and on still photos. 

The cloth is here placed on the Railroad Station in Slagelse, Denmark. 




Instructions for the public. 

This piece of cloth is placed in front of a privat house. The text tells about the background saying:

just go on, you are creating a piece of art. 


The cloth as a token of the past.  

The cloth is preserved for later exhibition together with part of the documentation creating a sort of Killroy was her effect. This is the cloth from the concert of the Music Hall.  

Later on the different pieces of cloth are prepared for exhibition together with some of the other forms of documentation.