Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                       The roots. I want to follow my heart.  


I want to wake up now.

What else can you show me?

I want to dream another dream.

Getting so tired from the lies of the politicians, their glib smiles, their pathetic belief that they got it all made and that their voters are stupid and without a momory. I am so tired of it wanting to vomit in their faces, so they might understand that life is not only a game and that the trick is to make people believe their deception and not transport real knowledge. I have seen their ways too often for my liking.
I don’t want to get these shiploads of shit from the news and the teli, false news, bad news, rediculous news, unimportant news, strongly manipulated news, it makes me sick.

And I don’t want to see all the advertisements hitting my head and thinking all the time offering me things and experiences, I don’t want, I don’t need, and which takes away my mind and life. It makes me angry.

   So since I have almost finished The Babylon Project and its description of the feebleness of human thinking, I want to leave my father the Fisher King for some time and go elsewhere. I loved to sit with him at the river when the animal was dragging its tail in the mud - and might come back again when I have found another mind and dress to wear. “Musing as I was upon the king my brother’s wreck And on the king my father’s death before him”, as the poet said to me. But that state of mind might be over for some time.

So for now, feeling exhausted by the bad traits of our culture, feeling sick of all the manipulation, the lies and the make believe, I want to wake up now, I want to go back and just for the next 6 months paint whatever makes my heart happy. It might be landscapes, it might be persons, it might even be flowers, who knows, but it has to work for me, not against me, as much of the culture does. 

Of course I am grateful for the opportunities, the freedom and the luxury of out time, but I just want to find another way – and wake up. Now. 

Below here you can follow my work. The first painting in this new way is seen below.


The memory of the early summers day in 1948, when I went into the Water with all my Clothes on to impress my Mother and Father. 

Light over Odsherred with Nekselø in the Background. 

Acryl and Oil on Canvas. 100 x 100 cm. 




You can find the whole project here.