Sven Froekjaer-Jensen               Gallery.  Oregon. May 2012. 



Workshop Astoria May 2012. 







Astoria. The Clatsop Community College. 



My very friendly hosts Jane and Jeff Donnelly and their dog understanding Danish in their home on 17th Street.


Artist and director Kristin Shauck at the students exhibition, explaining one of her own works at a gallery in downtown Astoria. 



Artist and official commissioner of Arts in Oregon Royal Nebeker in his studio at the waterfront of the Colombia River.  



If you want to see the outside and more of Royals studio, just go to this link below with the american band Blind Pilot. They made their vidio in Royals studio, because the band belongs to his son Israel. You can also just write Blind Pilot on


9019 Annual CCC Art Student Show. 

May17th to June 81h. 2012. 


The Gallery before the opening of the show. 

Juror Rodger Dorband, Kristin Shauck, Royal Nebeker with awarded student.


Guests at the opening reception. Royal Nebeker is talking wiht  the president of the Clatsop Community College,  Dr. Larry Galizio. 

After the students had thanked me for the workshop and the lecture at the reception, I thanked for the fine stay at the art school and my award. 


Artists working in Studio Eleven in Astoria. Jamie Boyd to the right with some of her glass portraits on the wall.  



Coming home