Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                

Paintings / Fabulations.  

I consider my paintings to be fabulations in much the same way as the literary concept fabulation. This term covers pieces of art that does not fit into the traditional categori of realism, since it violates in a variety of ways the standard naturalistic way of working and experimenting with a fusion of the everyday with fantastic, mythical and sometimes sinister elements. Others have termed part of the same concept magical realism or creation of fables. Expressed in another way: it is a way to give life to the eternal myths and magic dreams of humans wieved through the mirror of modern life. 

Just click the picture to go deeper. The three series shown here are part of my more recent works. 


Fighting. The Alive Project. 

When the Ironbird flies. The shaman Project.


Man and Bird.The black series.