Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                                                                       If your Memory serves you well...

The project of Memory and our use of it is centered about the concept of remembrance and loss, hope and memory. All human elements so essential for understanding our situation and orientation in our world. Both the existing part and what is lost in time. 

The painting to the left was created in 1977, when I was intrigued by the concept of generations and the passing of destinies and fate from one generation to another. The young man in the red suit is standing before the older generation maybe as an Isaac or maybe just as son of man. Of course there are many more layers of understanding and experience in the painting, but you have to let your mind wander into the picture or use it as a window to another world to encode these messages. 

In the coming months the next parts of the project will be presented here.  

This project is in connection with my participation in The Memoir Project, Brooklyn Art Library, New York, but was planned before the invitation from USA, and it follows its own necessity untouched by the american project.