Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                             

Maps of unknown Land.

The dream of finding the map that leads to the pirates gold, the dream of uncovering the secrets of hidden paths to the fountain of youth and the dream of acquiring the supervising map that leads you unharmed thorugh the mazes of life. That is what map art is about. 

It is also important to remember, that the holder of the map becomes the keeper of secrets and power. In ancient times maps, the socalled portlanos, were guarded very carefully and considered extremely valuable, because they could take the traveller unharmed through the most challenging seavoyages. 

In modern times especially the polish thinker Alfred Korzybski has uncovered some of the problems of confusing the map - or the word - with the object it decribes. In his most famous phrase: The map is not the territory, he pinpoints the shortcommings of the human mind using maps or words. 

I have been working with the concept of maps for quite a long time, and I have limited my artistic creations connected with this project to a more simple way of expression, mostly using black as the background and filling the picture plane with relatively simple figures. When I was invited to participate in the opening of Geopark Odsherred by creating a map together with 4 other artists, I found it quite aligned with my former facination of the concept of maps. 

Below you can see the final poster with a map, some not used concepts and some of my maps of unknown land, that have been created between 2011 and 2014. 

Litt: Charles H. Hapgold (1904- 1982): Maps of  ancient Sea Kings. 1966. Alfred Korzybski (1875- 1950): Science and Sanity; An Introduction to Non_Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics. 1933.


Odsherred. A landscape in time.