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Links and art groups.




The Ernst Altien story is strange and rather intruiging. My friend and maybe better half Ernst is a painter, but his life has been rather different from mine. He has been missing since the spring of 2007, but recently I got a post card from South America from him. You can go to and search under the name of Ernst Altien, or you can meet him on

The Summer Gallery is situated in Odsherred, Denmark and shows more naturalistic works on demand. Go to 

Croquis89 is a group of people, who two times a month for drawing the human body. Many of us have been working together since 1989, and Croquis89 has hold spring or autumn exhibitions several times. You can click on the picture to meet Croquis 89 or go to  this adress: www. 




FAM-INC was started in 2007. As the name says it is a family group consisting of my two sons and myself. We had some very succesfull solo exhibitions in 2007 and 2009 with the themes, Transformations and Moments. Later on more fine exhibitions in companies followed.

ART4 is a colorfull artists guild that has been a very active player in the art life of Slagelse in the recent years with a lot of exhibitions breaking new ways to reach the sudience.. It consists of Jesper Thomas Nielsen ( Jethoni), Niels Olsen, Tony Hoffmann and me.