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The Library of Heavy Books has a policy of publishing heavy books, which in their message can convey a better understanding of complex matters. We see our efforts contrary to  modern times superficial dealing with problems of great significance. Unfortunately it might be connected with great effort to open some of our publications. 

This page of the homepage is constantly under change due to the complexity of the situation it describes. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Library of Heavy Books or maybe even get some of your important works published, you are very welcome to contact our Publishing Firm: Fabel Forlag, Basunvej 3, 4200 Slagelse. 



A Book of Weight and Secrets. Library of Heavy Books. Vol. I. 



A Book of Life. Library of Heavy Books. Vol. II. 


I thought my Weight to be an Anchor... Library of Heavy Books. Vol. III. 


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A Book touched by Human Hand. Library of Heavy Books. Vol. IV. 

Ashes of burnt Books. Library of Heavy Books. Vol. V.   
The heaviest Book wrapped in Lead. Library of Heavy Books. Vol. VI.