Sven Frøkjær-Jensen          

Exhibitions. The first years. 


These photos are just impressions from some of the first exhibitions to give a scent of the atmosphere, especially with FAM INC consisting of my two sons and me. 

The first years were just intoxicating getting such a good reception from the audience. It was just a dream come true. A lot of thanks to all of the wonderful people, who made it possible. Now many years later I feel so gratefull.  


FAM-INC. The red Tower, Slagelse 2007.



FAM INC 2009.  

Solo Show Skaelskoer 2009.

With Marion Zimmermann, Director of Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany. 2008. 


With Carsten Wittchen. Director of the Art Society at The Danish National Museum. 2008.