Sven Froekjaer-Jensen                                                           Landscapes.


Painting lancscapes is to me a very old fashioned way of working. 

But to me it is just like endulging in the memories from my childhood, when I grew up in Odsherred in Denmark, where many landscape painters were living. 

My first memory of a painter was the very well known Kalle Bovin, who was lying on the road outside our summerhouse playing the flute or maybe it was the trumpet. I was about 5 years old, and some days later I found him sitting with his easel and the many beautiful colors, which I still can see in my mind. When I grew older, I met many of the painters up there like Poul S. Nielsen and Holmer Trier. At that time I had of course no premonition, that I myself would become a painter, and although I normally work in quite another way, I have tried to pay my respect to my childhood memories and to the people - first of all my mother, to Jaja and fru Jaja and my mothers many friends -   who gave them to me by painting some landscapes too - and found out that landscapes are governed by the same rules as other forms of painting.  


Summers Night, Seeland.

Vallekilde, Seeland.

Glaenoe, Seeland.

Outside Slagelse, Seeland. 

Mod Kirke Stilling, Seeland.