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My works is to achieve the following goals: 

To build a bridge between different worlds of expression, to span the abyss between the diversity of human minds, to reach out for the sublime, that is my challenge.

Therefore I have to maneuver in a battlefield between old techniques and the new expressions of our time. That means to work in two directions all the time, one way from the old masters of the 19th century especially the drawing skills of the so called Copenhagen school with a very profound technical base, and the other way a freedom of expression, that is the only highway to the description of our time and the dreams and goals of present life. One could express it in another way saying, that I make modern myths in my fabulating paintings. But on the other hand the technical skills acquired from the drawing exercises are a necessity for getting the freedom that makes the fabulations possible.

By creating the nonverbal myths on my canvasses I hope to reach the onlooker in a way that brings our minds together so we can walk the paths of understanding - dreaming the very old dreams of humanity.

Therefore I work very intensely with drawings of the human and the animal form, a work that has been going on for many years. This work is in every way necessary for the creation of my fabulations in oil and acrylic on canvas often in big measures.

Of course one asks: When will it stop, when is the goal conquered, when will I have painted the picture that is so high and wild I will never need to paint another. But that is not the way it works, it is rather like a well from which I divert the power and the questions that leads to the next painting. It is a never ending process, and every time a peak has been reached, there is another one to be climbed.

Therefore my work as an artist is a very serious business but at the same time a great source of joy and understanding.



Painting of me by Ernst Altien.

You can find Ernst Altiens homepage 

by clicking here.